Personalized Diagnostics LLC.

Building Partnerships Between U.S. and Chinese Biotech Companies

We build partnerships between U.S. and Chinese biotech companies in the personalized medicine space.  

Dr. Lana Feng, CEO

Dr. Lana Feng, CEO

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Dr. Lana Feng has spent 18 years in biotech industry with experiences ranging from product development to commercialization and business development.  Her expertise is in cancer therapeutics and diagnostics, companion diagnostics and personalized medicine.  She founded Personalized Diagnostics, L.L.C. in 2013 to focus on brokering strategic partnerships between U.S. and Chinese biotech companies.

Prior to Personalized Dx, Dr. Lana Feng lead BioPharma business development at Genoptix/Novartis where she was responsible for building BioPharma division into a multi-million dollar business by forming alliances with pharmaceutical companies and providing companion diagnostics development and biomarker services for clinical trials.

Dr. Lana Feng obtained her Ph.D. from Indiana University in Bloomington and did her post-doctoral training at University of California, San Diego.  She has a BS from Wuhan University in China.  Contact Dr. Lana Feng here

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