Personalized Diagnostics LLC.

Building Partnerships Between U.S. and Chinese Biotech Companies

Personalized Diagnostics, LLC is a biotech consulting firm focused on building partnerships between U.S. and Chinese companies in the personalized medicine space.  Personalized medicine, integrating drug development, diagnostics technologies and human genomics has revolutionized medical practice in the United States. 

In China, personalized medicine is still in its infancy and companies look to the United States for new therapeutics and technologies.  Personalized Diagnostics LLC acts as a matchmaker between U.S. companies who want to sell or out-license their assets to China (be it drugs or diagnostics) and Chinese firms who want to buy or in-license them.  By doing so, the company facilitates technology innovation and adoption across the Pacific, leading to better patient care. 

Dr. Lana Feng, founder and CEO of the company, is a biotech veteran.  She utilizes her extensive network and her technical expertise in companion diagnostics, technology evaluation and licensing, and business development to help clients succeed in the fast changing personalized medicine.  Services include:

  • Licensing of both therapeutics and diagnostics/technology assets
  • BioPharma services partnerships
  • Strategic consulting in personalized medicine and companion diagnostics
  • M&A
  • General business development

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